Technology, Consulting, Solutions, Product Engineering, Professional & Managed Services and Offshoring Services Provisioning Information Technology Learn More Several success stories - Greenfield implementations, building and providing ODC solutions in a rapid and 100% transparent manner. Involved in design and delivery of Telecom BSS, Healthcare and AI/Data Analytics Solutions Innovative "Clear Glass Engagement" (CGE) Learn More Successfully setup ODC for several customers in less than 40 hours in Telecom , Healthcare domain and BPM/BI and AI driven Business Solutions We have consistently proved that "just 40 hour's to start offshore technology center and solutions" Learn More Passionately delivering quality solutions across multiple geographic locations. Delivering Value Through Innovation Learn More

Who We Are

Novelty-Data is a Technology solutions company specialized in Application modernization, Technology Consulting, Product Engineering, Design, Development, Validation/Verification. We are pioneers and have a proven track record in building Offshore Development Centers (ODC) engagements.

The Novelty-Data team has been actively engaged in end-to-end Information Technology Project/Product Development & Engineering services across various verticals/domains –Telecom, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Legal and IT Infrastructure.

Novelty-Data and collaboration with its partner ecosystem have been instrumental in partnering with its clients to create a transparent, value-based relationship, leveraging the extensive experience of its team to provide innovative solutions in a wide range of technology domains. Novelty-Data’s professional services vertical is part of a partner company’s incubation centre which is an ISO 9001 Certified Company with several Fortune 1000 customers.

The Novelty-Data team has passionately designed, established, and practicing an innovative engagement model “Clear Glass Engagement Model.” As part of Clear Glass Engagement, we have several success stories of building and providing ODC solutions in a rapid and 100% transparent manner.

Headquartered in Bangalore (India), with a development center at Hyderabad (India), an incubation center in Denver (United States of America) and a nearshore office in London (UK.

Our Mission

To provide a transparent , quality and cost-effective IT services  to our customers

Our Values


Taking unceasing care in looking after the interests of external and internal customers to ensure their needs and expectations are met or exceeded.


Quality and ability to go beyond the set way of doing things and finding new ways of delivering projects and products. Do this without losing the focus to deliver on time, budget and quality.


Work effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information and respond flexibly to change. Utilize information smartly for  appropriate business decisions.


Develops and maintains productive and effective working relationships within own team and with other internal and external colleagues.

Our Services Offering

Technology Professional & Managed Services

Our software engineers, quality engineers and product engineering team comes with extensive experience in custom software development, mobile application development, business process improvement /automation , systems development and V&V activities.  We specialize in multiple stacks and systems integration

Offshore (ODC) & Nearshore (NDC) Solutions

We have expertise in building ODC / NDC engagements to provide highly effective solutions to  Information Technology companies, R&D product companies , HealthCare solution providers. Our team is fully equipped to  World-Class solutions to Manufacturing companies,  E-Commerce providers, Educational providers and Automation companies.

Talent Management Solutions

Our talent management solutions are built to provide services such as “Recruitment and talent acquisition solutions” and “Contract to hire solutions”, “Rapid enablement”, “Performance management solutions”, “Employee engagement solutions”, “Talent assessment solutions” . All these through our innovative “Clear Glass Engagement”.

End-to-End Custom Solutioning Company

Small & Medium Business

End-to-End Information Technology Solutioning

With proven track record of providing World-Class technology solutions in the area Web-Applications, BPM, Android & iOS,  Big-Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions.

R & D Product Companies

R & D Product Companies

We have setup a World-Class R&D centers for the customers in the US, UK and India using BOT and Clear Glass Engagement (CGE) Model. Our CGE provides complete transparency including 100% IP protection and no-competitor engagement clauses.

Enterprise Organizations

End-to-End Information Technology Solutioning

Provisioning of high quality technical resources to designing of enterprise mobility solutions  / web solutions that best meet the demands of the enterprises to be on top of competitive market.

Why Choose Us - Our Case Studies

Our recent past achievements

Teleconsultation App in Just 7 working days.

We just needed  7 working days to deliver a full fledged “Teleconsulation App” to one of our client. A full-fledged application is designed, developed and delivered to UAT ”. Team worked relentlessly through several nights to achieve this milestone.

We have successfully integrated Video API (Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok) to achieve rich customer experiences through interactive live video calls. The solution works seamlessly on any mobile, web, or desktop application, and is built on the WebRTC industry standard.

Enhance database performance with Redis

For one of our program, we have implemented the “Redis DB in parallel with RDBMS” to improve the performance of data-access.  In this case study, both RDBMS and Redis works together to achieve the desired speed.

Redis cache stores data in the form of key-value pairs in an in-memory format. This means that Redis stores data in the primary memory (RAM) which enable for very fast read and write speeds as compared to RDBMS. By storing data in-memory, Redis can do away with seek time delays.

Recruitment Drive resulting in a dozen selections

We had successfully conducted recruitment drive to identify the talent in the areas of REACT js ( 3-5 years), React native (3-5 years), DBA with Mongo dB knowledge ( 4years), Python developer with Aws, docker , kubernates knowledge, Android /iOS developers(2-5years), .net with MVC knowledge (3+ years), Node.js (3-5 years), , Angular developers ( versions 6,7,8,9,10) – 3+ years, java professionals.
Our drive resulted in shortlisting of more than a dozen highly skilled software professionals.

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