Tech Lead – QA Automation

MERN stack, microservices, containers/orchestration, DevOps, H TML/CSS, JavaScript,
Node.js, Express, React.js, c loud A PIs, Ruby, R ails, M ySQL/ Postgres/ MongoDB, Selenium,
TypeScript/Javascript, B rowserStack.
Key Responsibilities:
• Be the quality-custodian of t he product and own end-to-end, front-end, server-side
and API-based a utomation testing b y employing t he m ost suitable tools and
technologies for t he t ask at h and.
• Build/extend/m aintain t he t est automation f ramework.
• Be hands-on and assume r esponsibility for h igh quality s oftware delivery i n each
• Enable detection of defects a s early i n the life cycle a s possible.
• Enrich quality a ssurance by c onverting m anual test cases into automated o nes.
• Research and resolve a ny broken test automation s cripts.
• Participate in agile scrums to instill strong quality assurance i n t he s oftware delivery
• Report, track, a nd m anage a ny discovered defects t o r esolution; create d efect
• Write complex S QL queries in order to perform backend/database t esting.
• Work e ffectively and collaboratively within t he s crum team and w ith other members
on the product team.
• 8+ years of experience in designing, i mplementing and s upporting automated test
solutions for S aaS products hosted o n t he c loud. 3+ years of t echnical l eadership
• Experienced i n Selenium/JavaScript/Typescript a utomation, T estcafe would be a plus.
• Experience with a pplication ( UI/end-to-end/API/functional/unit) automation t ools,
BDD automation tools, monitoring tools, p erformance testing tools, test frameworks,
test design strategies and a utomation technologies.
• Detail-oriented and c reative t hinker with p assion for quality and test automation.
• Ability to w ork across functional a reas w ith internal e ngineering teams in a n agile
• Experienced i n handling ambiguous situations, dealing with c omplex technical issues
and coming u p with e ffective solutions to ensure project d eliverables.
• Experience with p roduct c ompanies is a n i mportant requirement.
• Experience working o n B 2B e-commerce a nd building digital products from scratch
would be h ighly v aluable.
• Strong c omputer science fundamentals.
• Adept with contemporary a utomation testing t echnologies a nd paradigms ( Agile,
DevOps, c ontainers/orchestration, REST A PIs, M ERN/MERN stack, etc.)
• Undaunted by ambiguity a nd ability t o s olve complex problems.
• Understands and works towards customer delight and comprehensive customer
• Possesses good business a cumen.
• Excellent verbal and written communication s kills, collaboration a nd influencing
• Good w ith people and e njoys mentoring/coaching juniors technically.